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Self-inflicted physical harm, such as cutting, that is not suicidal and is usually a response to stress or trauma. Also called self-harm, self-mutilation.
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A dirty job indeed, so after dousing the flames, and clearly deserving of a wash after such labour - the coal dust-covered miners after relentless underground shifts had nothing on this man - Mr S-H disappeared back inside for a bath.
Half an hour later - for the fun of it, shall we imagine Mr S-H was upstairs wrestling to release his big toe from the cold water tap?
Like the fire ring that engulfs the camper van at the end of Race With a Devil, the flames gleefully leapt into action as Mr S-H, unaware of the drama unfolding, finished towelling himself down.
S-H will also work closely with Eaton's international operations to expand its geographic reach.