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n. pl.1.(Ethnol.) Same as Bushmen.
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In February 1997, SAAN's expansion into eastern Canada allowed them to develop their merchandise mix further; so in addition to fashion selections, SAAN carries a wide range of products including kitchen, bed and bath, furniture, toys, housewares, health and beauty and stationery.
SAAN is a Canadian owned and operated retailer, proudly serving its communities for more than 50 years.
The creative and forward-thinking approach exhibited by GMAC Commercial Finance and its Retail Finance Group was an important factor in contributing to the swift and timely acquisition of the SAAN business.
Earlier this week, Gendis announced that it designated SAAN as a discontinued operation due to the expectation of its sale in the fourth quarter, and recorded the fair value of SAAN at nil, with a resulting write-down of $38.
is in negotiations with an investor group which has interests in other Canadian retail operations that has submitted a written Offer to buy SAAN Stores.
The investor group contemplates acquiring ownership of SAAN Stores Ltd.
Humboldt Mall, located in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, is a 106,000 square foot enclosed mall anchored by Extra Foods (Loblaws) and SAAN Department Store.
The sole tenants of these properties are SAAN stores.