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Noun1.SACEUR - commanding officer of ACE; NATO's senior military commander in Europe
Allied Command Europe, ACE - a major strategic headquarters of NATO; safeguards an area extending from Norway to Turkey
commandant, commander, commanding officer - an officer in command of a military unit
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During the June Defense Ministerial meeting in 2015, leaders decided to grant authority to SACEUR to prepare troops immediately when the Allies deem it necessary, thereby accelerating the military reaction process.
As indicated in NATO SACEUR Scaparotti's May 2016 statement and also by NATO's actions since the start of the Ukraine conflict in spring 2014, the alliance has decided to take an uncompromisingly tough stance towards Russia, strengthening its presence and posture alongside its eastern borders in order to demonstrate strength, unity, and resolve to deter any potential Russian military aggression or expansionist move against NATO members and allies.
Fifth, to minimize the time needed to deploy the VJTF, in June 2015 NATO members granted the SACEUR authority to "alert, stage, and prepare" troops that are part of the force.
In NATO, the commander requiring an exercise is known as the Officer Scheduling the Exercise (OSE): this could be SACEUR or a Joint Force Commander who places the requirement on NATO's master exercise calendar and establishes command training objectives.
SACEUR presented the situation on the ground as calm, but still volatile and emphasizsd any future change in troop numbers will be the result of a condition-based assessment.
At the conclusion of his visit, SACEUR met with Gen Portolano, to whom he expressed his personal appreciation for the excellent job done by Regional Command West.
When Clark countered by saying the orders did not come from Washington but from him as SACEUR, Jackson responded by telling Clark he did not have that authority.
The Secretary-General's relationship with the SACEUR has also been identified as an avenue for influence.
The mechanics of how this will be worked out, including what each individual nation would do, would be if and when a decision were to be taken, decided or would be as the result of a process led by SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe), so that has not been decided now," Appathurai said.
Commander Ostilio de Majo, ITA N, Military Assistant to SACEUR
Nonetheless, on 19 May 1952 he informed the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) that SACEUR would assume direct command of the U.