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Noun1.spinnbarkeit - the capacity of a viscous liquid (especially the cervical mucus) to be drawn out into a strand or blown up into a bubble
spinnability - the quality of being suitable for spinning or the capability of being spun (used of textile fibers)
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"Five rounds into our first year in World SBK with this project and the new RR - and we were not only fighting for the podium, we were on the podium.
Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai lauded the efforts of SBK University and its faculty staff in providing quality education to the students of Balochistan added we are optimistic that our girls would light the name of Balochistan and Pakistan at international level.
A couple of years ago a branch of SBK university was established in the Pishin city and is doing very well now, attracting many girl students from Pishin.
SBK's IDRs, Support Rating (SR) and National Ratings are driven by a moderate probability of support from ultimate parent, South Africa-based Standard Bank Group (SBG: BB+/Stable/bb+), which indirectly owns 60%.
Using the SBK line as an example, Kang said the line's layout is more friendly towards developers of middle-class areas and above, rather than the wider public who need the transport the most.
As the NYPD tries to stop the gang war, Sherlock and Joan (Liu) - as revealed in the (http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/elementary/tv-listings/375404/) synopsis for the finale - continue to look for evidence that will prove that Tyus Wilcox (Stephen Rider) is the leader of SBK.
Fifty-five patients (108 eyes) received SMILE and 55 patients (106 eyes) received SBK surgery, while there were 12 eyes in the SMILE group and 10 eyes in the SBK group who were lost to followup 6 months postoperatively.
He also lauded the role of VC SBK Women University and academic staff in this regard.
In fact, SBK organisers Dorna, who also promote the premier motorbike series MotoGP, had raised concerns about this earlier this year.
7/10 Title: SBK Generations Platform: PS3 Genre: Racing Price: pounds 24.99 IT'S time to burn rubber again.
The arrival of SBK World Championship 2011 was one of those times, providing an engrossing step into the motorbike racing world.