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n.1.A shard or fragment.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mr Scard said: "We're looking forward to the challenge of performing well on the framework and continuing to bring to bear our expertise and capability in aviation.
Morgan's expertise is in general construction and paving and concrete works including runways and taxiways, which Mr Scard said are critical and complex projects for airports.
Asked whether he was happy to support efforts by David Cameron, the Conservative leader, to put more women in Parliament, The Telegraph quoted Scard, as saying: "If they are attractive, yeah I would go for it."
Rioters recounted in their own words how they were emboldened because "the fuzz is scard; they ain't goin to do nothin."
Table I summarizes the results of this analysis which accord with results reported by CDM and other CTA analyses (Brander and Scard, 1994).
A cushion made by Jess Scard was voted the winner by visitors.
Warm tributes were made to Mr Grace by Bob Reeves and Russ Hillier (RFU Gloucestershire), and North Midlands president Paul Kaminski and Dai Scard for his work throughout the Midlands and nationally.
Koukashbaggedthree winnersfromsixrunnersat Haydock,alongwithanother at York,twoweeksagoandhe willbidtoaddtohistallyat his beloved Chester, wherehe isduetofieldamaximumof tenrunners-includingthree inthe Willow WaterHandicap (2.35)-ontoday 'scard.
The money raised will go to Claire House, Touraid, and SCARD (Support and Care After Road Death and Injury) /CADD (Campaign Against Drink Driving)-.
The money raised will go to Wirral hospice Claire House, Touraid and SCARD (Support and Care After Road Death and Injury) /CADD (Campaign Against Drink Driving), a charity to support people affected by road accidents and drink-driving.
Mrs Whittingham has since founded Scard (Support and Care After Road Death), a charity that supports crash victims and their families.