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Supreme Court of the United States


(Biography) See Duns Scotus

Duns Sco•tus

(dʌnz ˈskoʊ təs)
John ( “Doctor Subtilis” ), 1265?–1308, Scottish scholastic theologian.
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But Aristotle was out of all patience with the account I gave him of Scotus and Ramus, as I presented them to him; and he asked them, "whether the rest of the tribe were as great dunces as themselves?
I have read Ockham, Bradwardine, and other of the schoolmen, together with the learned Duns Scotus and the book of the holy Aquinas.
Remarkably, the December 2017 SCOTUS Order contains only five sentences.
When I wrote about this case earlier this year, I was convinced that SCOTUS would have no choice but to address the Circuit's ruling, because it was such a blatant distortion of the SCOTUS decision in Heller.
Most agree that Scotus is a voluntarist of some kind.
The broad form of this circuit, as employed by authors like Aquinas, Scotus, and Suarez, was basically described by Aristotle in De motu animalium, 7.
In an earlier article, after initially reading the transcript, I suggested that SCOTUS was not going to solve the surcharge issue.
In my humble view, an appeal to the Scotus will be problematic because:
After Scalia's untimely death, SCOTUS declined to hear challenges to Connecticut's assault weapons ban, thus leaving the ban in place.
According to Kurpis, a SCOTUS ruling in favor of Star Athletica could result in a definite setback for the fashion industry in terms of copyright protection.
Not just in terms of our presidential vote, but in terms of all that comes with it--like SCOTUS, like the down ticket of representatives and senators and even state legislators.
SCOTUS was established in 1789 pursuant to Article III of the US Constitution.