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scanning electron microscope


scanning electron microscope.


or Sem,

1. Seminary.
2. Semitic.


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With the requirements for secure chips expanding beyond traditional smartcards and into a wide range of connected devices, the combination of the ARC SEM security processor with our JavaCard technology creates a compelling platform for security-critical applications," said Mikhail Friedland, CEO at jNet ThingX Corporation.
In late 2014, Elite SEM recognized a need to improve its contract management, billing, commissions and accounting systems.
The company said that these investments will transform SEM from a Chinese wheel loader manufacturer to a provider of a wide range of construction equipment.
Typical tasks such as automatic SEM condition setup based on sample type, simultaneous multiple live image and movie capture, quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis, and low- and high-vacuum operation are more readily accessed.
With its twin-brand sales strategy (Mitsubishi and SEM brands), SEM sold a record volume of 120,000 new cars in 2010, up 41% from previous year.
The presence of silicon and oxygen was generated from the silicone medical part, and aluminum may have derived from interference from the SEM vacuum chamber components or the sample mount.
This news builds on Network Intelligence's 2003 sales momentum, when the company delivered 221 SEM appliances, and demonstrates the company's leadership in delivering appliance-based SEM solutions.
The concept of continuous or periodic sharpness monitoring has been incorporated into a new commercial critical dimension (CD) SEM.
Hence, Oracle SEM enables companies to both set strategy and measure its effectiveness.
Examination using SEM techniques revealed similarly large areas of oxides, some with a distinct "collapsed sack" appearance.
has combined a polarization sensor and a SEM to produce an instrument that both delineates the surface structure of a sample and maps out its magnetic domains.