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SHAEF allowed Carson and Iris Carpenter, a British reporter working for the Boston Globe, to be attached to the US First Army press corps on a trial basis.
68) SHAEF, Extract from Civil Affairs Directives for Operation "Overlord"--France, in National Archives of the United Kingdom, War Office Papers, File WO 204/3043 (on file with author).
SHAEF Administrative Memorandum Number 39 (Revised April 16, 1945), Displaced Persons and Refugees in Germany, Paragraph 23(c) (quoted in Proudfoot 1957, 461).
SHAEF assumes direct operational control of SOE and OSS, which are combined as Special Force Headquarters.
Even Colonel Hunter insisted he never formally complained about Hemingway or requested an investigation, rather he sent "an informal report" to SHAEF and Bradley's Twelfth Army Group informing them that there might be a problem.
A SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) officer found remnants of the printing presses and sent an urgent report to the War Office in London asking for expert support from the Treasury or the Bank of England.
However he had sown the seeds with Tedder (8) and Conningham (9) and gave them the ammunition to constantly complain at SHAEF that Monty was not achieving what he had promised.
Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, G-2 Division, SHAEF (Rear) APO 413, 25 June 45.
In February, 1945, the Allied Command asked Sidney Bernstein, chief of the film section in the Psychological Warfare Division of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) to produce a `German atrocities' film.
13) Although Eaker convinced SHAEF to lower the American commitment to three hundred heavy bomber sorties, he promised to provide as many bomber sorties as possible from newly organized bomber units undergoing training.
Organizations like the World War II era's SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force), the Marshall Plan, and even NATO would have been considered a "surrender of sovereignty even a few years ago.
Perhaps the most striking instance of miniaturization, however, is the transformation of Roger of Waybroke's "sword of honour," in the same volume, into a tiny emblem on a shoulder patch, the SHAEF insignia - a menacing symbol of the geopolitical expedience that Waugh believes to have characterized the Allied war effort.