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Noun1.SIRC - an agency of the Canadian government that oversees the activities of the Criminal Intelligence Services of Canada and has the power to intrude on the privacy of suspected terrorists or spies
international intelligence agency - an intelligence agency outside the United States
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
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A SIRC team, led by Stephen Kulis--coprincipal investigator for ASU's Southwestern Interdisciplinary Research Center--in partnership with the Phoenix Indian Center, developed an intervention called Living in Two Worlds, designed for Native-American children who reside in urban settings.
Though you already know a lot about the NLN SIRC (Simulation Innovation Resource Center), I want call your attention to the fact that we have revised the popular SIRC courses: two outdated courses have been retired, revisions on 10 courses are complete, and one brand new course has been developed.
SIRC has reported to its members that the European Union's most recent weight-of-evidence styrene assessment concluded that styrene is not a carcinogen and subsequent scientific studies have provided further support for that conclusion.
In practice, SIRC members have most often been chosen to reflect broadly the party composition of Parliament, reflecting the consent of opposition parties as well as the party in office.
Priori to 2001, SIRC was responsible for reviewing security certificates alleging the inadmissibility of non-citizens to Canada and for forwarding recommendations as to whether they thought the certificate was reasonable.
James Leipnik, Chief of Communication and Corporate Relations, Canon Europe, said: "The SIRC research has discovered some interesting challenges to the accepted stereotypes of European football fans.
SIRC revealed this past February that CSIS "uses information obtained by torture.
According to SIRC, factors holding the traditional community together have loosened since the 1960s.
According to the SIRC, the Government does not have an accreditation system in place for Christian school teachers that teach Christian doctrine to non-Muslim children.
In short, SIRC accuses the government of over-stating the prevalence of obesity among children--it's 7% not 15%, apparently.
The SIRC team questioned the UK method for classing young people as obese in relation to their height and compared it with international measures taking both height and weight into account.
The SIRC questioned the method how childhood obesity was estimated in the survey, which was published by the Department of Health in December.