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Society of Jesus


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands


abbreviation for
(Roman Catholic Church) Society of Jesus


Society of Jesus.
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SJS recommends designing a portfolio diversified across and within asset classes as a way to minimize risk and capture the market's upside potential.
SJS Solutions is just weeks away from launching a new platform based on their current best in class enterprise solution, Optymyse 4.
Although there were no reports of SJS among 36,000 children prescribed the drug off-label between 2002 and 2005, there was concern that some cases could occur with wider use of the drug, and the panel recommended that the company conduct a 3,000 patient study to further clarify the risk.
Stephen Cravitz, Vice President for SJS Realty Management, Inc.
Though SJS is rare, occurring in as few as one in a million people, its consequences can be deadly, with uncontrollable infections sometimes resulting from skin inflammation.
The word "injection" in the name of the patent-pending process doesn't actually involve injection molding at all, says SJS president Don Schraegle, but relates to the crispness of the added features, which can be produced to tight tolerances.
SJS is caused by almost any medication, including anti-biotics, anti-convulsants and pain killers.
If you are attending ShoreTel One 2015, not only will you learn more about ShoreTel's bold plans to transform telephone and UC markets, you will also have the opportunity to come and meet SJS Solutions CEO plus Head of Technology, Adrian Vickers and learn how SJS Solutions new Optymyse range of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center compatible digital wallboard products will help ShoreTel vendors close more deals and delight more customers.
MarketPlus Investing is the proprietary process SJS Investment Services has used since the company began in 1995.
The results have been impressive and after three years of heavy investment in R&D SJS are performing better than ever in their 14 year history.
The merger agreement calls for a subsidiary of E-Z Serve to make a cash tender offer promptly for all outstanding shares of common stock of SJS at a price of $12.
The technical skills, industry experience, and clients of SJS will position us as a dominant player in the RFID implementation space today.