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SNCC organizers themselves shaped the vision and framework of the SNCC Digital Gateway website.
By then, Carson was a tenured, Stanford University history professor who won acclaim for his 1981 book, In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening of the 1960s.
Between those opposites NAACP and SNCC stood civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
I would go to SNCC rallies that were held in congregational church on Chestnut Street, which was right in the heart of the Atlanta University Center.
Steptoe of Amite County--offered their fortified houses as resting stops for SNCC and CORE organizers.
The Chicago SNCC History Project Archives is at the Chicago Public Library's Vivian G.
new abolitionists" of SNCC loomed large in the movement that
The SNCC chairman, John Lewis, explained that "we are involved in a serious social revolution.
Here she details the fascinating history of the SNCC Photo Agency and the ever-evolving role that the medium played within this organization.
Edits SNCC pamphlet, "Danville, Virginia," written by Dorothy Miller, with photos by Danny Lyon (August).
The SNCC is opposed to militarisation of the revolution and SNC's fighting arm, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which is mostly made up of defectors from Assad forces and MB volunteers.
She emphasizes the role of SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) within the movement.