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signal-to-noise ratio




abbreviation for
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Speaking ahead of the event, Bush Snr said: "It's important those affected know that, even if the path to recovery feels like a road that goes on for ever, we're with them for the long haul.
Vaughan Snr was jailed after admitting conspiracy to cause explosions and his sentence will run alongside his 10-year term for the Scottish incidents.
In SNR maximization based multi-relay selection scheme, we can only obtain the solution which has the maximum SNR value.
RDj] represents the SNR of the link between the best MR and M[D.
Dans une declaration a l'agence TAP, en marge de la reunion de la FTAV suite a la tenue mardi de la commission nationale du pelerinage et de la Omra, Nadia Ktata a estime que la proposition du ministere des affaires religieuses de faire beneficier la SNR d'une part de marche de la Omra est un retour declare au monopole.
Consequently the highest possible SNR is essential to avoid poor image quality.
Snowden and Jennings were found guilty of setting the fire which killed Thomas snr and his children at their homas home in Helensburgh.
28 January 2014 - UK-based coal miner Strategic Natural Resources Plc (LON:SNRP), or SNR, said today that it was holding advanced talks with a potential strategic investor, without naming it.
In Figure 2(b), the results of matched filter are also plotted with the same signal lengths and the loss of SNR gain is
Most boxing coaches can wait a lifetime to train a champion but Peter Snr achieved it before he even turned 40.
Evaluating of the proposed method was performed in a simulation environment, with SNR as a variable.