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 (spē′shē, -sē)
Coined money; coin.
in specie
1. In coin.
2. In a similar manner; in kind: repaid the offense in specie.
3. Law As specified.

[From (in) specie, (in) the actual form, from Latin (in) speciē, (in) kind, ablative of speciēs; see species.]
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1. (Banking & Finance) coin money, as distinguished from bullion or paper money
2. (Currencies) coin money, as distinguished from bullion or paper money
3. (Banking & Finance) (of money) in coin
4. (Currencies) (of money) in coin
5. in kind
6. (Law) law in the actual form specified
[C16: from the Latin phrase in speciē in kind]
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(ˈspi ʃi, -si)

coined money; coin.
in specie,
a. in the same kind.
b. (of money) in coin.
c. Law. in the identical shape, form, etc.
[1545–55; < Latin (in)speciē (in) kind]
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Noun1.specie - coins collectivelyspecie - coins collectively      
currency - the metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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[ˈspiːʃiː] Nmetálico m, efectivo m
in specieen metálico
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n no plHartgeld nt, → Münzgeld nt
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