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v. t.1.To spit; to throw out.
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SPET is particularly well-suited to address large scale genotyping in agrigenomics, where NGS is fast becoming a widely adopted strategy to quickly generate massive amounts of information.
The SPET and Effectiveness Survey are completed annually between July and September of the Army fiscal year by all HPOs or a member of the CHPC (for installations without the standard CHPC model).
Artificial lesions, 24 h after being established, developed visible signs of melanization and, when tested via SPET, showed a strong inward [O.
A comparative study of thallium-201 SPET, carbon11 methionine PET and fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose PET for the differentiation of astrocytic tumours.
Este articulo estudia, mediante simulaciones numericas, la propiedad de costo-efectividad de un SPET frente un sistema de estandares de emision (EE) cuando se consideran, ademas de los costos de abatimiento, los costos de fiscalizacion en contextos de informacion completa e informacion incompleta.
Section five discusses the safety evaluation of flavouring agents under various headings namely dietary exposure estimates, development of the Single Portion Exposure Technique (SPET), criteria to identify flavouring agents of potential concern, data on their usage levels, comparison of dietary estimates from the SPET with Maximized Survey Derived Intake (MSDI) and consideration of combined dietary exposure estimates.
Advances in the understanding of early Huntington's disease using the functional imaging techniques of PET and SPET Mol Med Today.
Trease L, van Every B, Bennell K, et al: A prospective blinded evaluation of exercise thallium-201 SPET in patients with suspected chronic exertional compartment syndrome of the leg.
1 IN 1982: Gerry Armstrong hit the headlines at the World Cup when his goal handed Northern Ireland a shock 1-0 victory over hosts Spain; FEB 2000; LUXEMBOURG 3-1; MAR 2000; MALTA 3-0; SPET 2000; MALTA 1-0; AUG 2001; ICELAND 3-0; NOT SO AWESOME FOURSOME: McIlroy notched up just four wins in 28 games during his near four year spell
Note: (a) SPET = Special Education Teacher, (b) PMD = Physical & Multiple Disabilities, (c) SPEGP = Special Education Generic Program
The BlipTrack solution and the C-OPT Security Performance Evaluation Tool, also known as SPET, allows GVA to evaluate the performance of the checkpoints on a daily basis.