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1. self-propelled
2. shore patrol
3. single pole
4. specialist
5. submarine patrol


abbreviation for
(Law) without issue
[from Latin sine prole]


abbreviation for
1. (Electronics) standard play: the standard recording speed on a VCR
2. (Commerce) starting price
slang Brit latest information


1. Shore Patrol.
2. Socialist Party.


or Sp.,

1. Spain.
2. Spanish.


1. special.
2. species.
3. specific.
4. specimen.
5. spelled.
6. spelling.
7. spirit.


without issue; childless.
[< Latin sine prōle]


N ABBR (Brit) =starting price
1. (Racing) → precio m de salida
2. (= information) what's the SP on him?¿qué sabemos acerca de él?
to give sb the SP on sb/sthdar a algn los datos de algn/algo


abbr of starting price
(Horse Racing) → Starterquote f
(inf: = information) what’s the SP on him?was erzählt man sich so über ihn?; to give somebody the SP on somebody/somethingjdm Infos über jdn/etw geben (inf)
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2 worksheets to Vlastiveda the 4th SPS ( kultetyovEi, RohovskEi) expense 3,000 pieces,
We are honored to receive this award and to be included in a category of such elite winners," said SPS program manager Army Col.
Each site of an SPS system will have one or more NAS Filers and an SPS Repository made up of SATA-based Servers.
The combination of PCC and SPS creates a company with the resources and commitment to ensure that all our operations will continue to serve our current and future customers for many years to come.
The SPS, originally developed in 1982, is a 36-item, self-report measure that is designed to assess suicide risk in adults and adolescents.
Gray brings a wealth of SaaS experience to SPS Commerce and shares our commitment to delivering superior customer service and the most reliable, stable SaaS infrastructure using the latest technologies," stated Archie Black, President and CEO of SPS Commerce.
opted to discontinue its line of Questra SPS resins in late 2004.
Approximately 50 separate breakout sessions were held, covering everything from the new Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation reporting process, to SPS Version 4.
Each employee's valuable skills, innovation, hard work, humor, and respect for one another has been an important driver of SPS Commerce's success," said Archie Black, President and CEO of SPS Commerce.
It theoretically could have even better crystalline properties than SPS, but tends to crystallize too slowly to develop these properties fully before the melt solidifies.
From this experience, we can direct our vendors looking for a 3rd party EDI provider to SPS Commerce with confidence.