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n.1.Scum; refuse.
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Judge Srim said that after hearing the case on May 29, the Supreme Court concluded that the Appeal Court's decision was not made in accordance with the law.
SRIM calculations indicated that the FWHM of the Si depth profile distribution is ~400 nm with a maximum peak concentration located at about 1700 nm below the surface of the silica substrate.
Hence after the measurement of energy the penetration depth of ions into the substrate was measured by using SRIM 2008 (Stopping Range of Ions into the Matter) software.
As an effort to verify the robustness of the deterministic-stochastic model against noise, system identification analysis by the N4SID algorithm is conducted with various noise levels and compared with those obtained by the SRIM. The effectiveness of the DLV method for damage detection using system parameters identified from contaminated signals is further investigated.
Also the Si ions projected range calculated by the SRIM code is shown in this figure (open rhombs) to compare with hydrogen distributions.
Monte Carlo simulations of proton transport through thin layers of insulators were performed in the TRIM module of the SRIM software package [12].
Allan James, North American market manager for Dow Automotive, notes that SRIM polyurethanes were used in bumper beams and honeycomb load-floor structures in the 1990s.
''The penalty must be sufficiently harsh to respond to the crimes committed and prevent the recurrence of similar crimes,'' Kong Srim said in reading the summary of the appeal judgment.
developed a group of computer programs (SRIM) to estimate LET and range of various ions as functions of the ion velocity and the composition of the solid [1].
The fraction of protons that backscatter were calculated using the SRIM 2003 Monte Carlo program [10].
GM also chose SMC and a structural reaction injection molding (SRIM) composite for the 2004 Hummer H2 SUT endgate assembly.