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Hence after the measurement of energy the penetration depth of ions into the substrate was measured by using SRIM 2008 (Stopping Range of Ions into the Matter) software.
Turnkey systems include InterWet technology for coinjection of fiberglass reinforcement or fillers in the mixhead; CannOxide for the production of liquid carbon-dioxide-blown molded foams; CarDio for liquid-carbon-dioxide blown slabstock foams; Duotec for low-density SRIM and RRIM door panels; Zero-Time Change fixtures, drum units, Paternosters, Car Trak systems, and laminators for rigid and appliance foams; Stratotec for headliners; Insotec for sound absorption applications; and Capsotec for window encapsulation.
Interest in SRIM polyurethanes is strong in Europe, where they are used in such applications as load floors and sunroofs.
For various target materials, the experimental results were in good agreement with the ranges calculated with SRIM within 11 %.
In particular, the SRIM technology was found to provide a large increase in mechanical properties.
The ability of TGMOLD to track particles through a flow can be used in RIM, RTM, and SRIM applications to model how components of reactive resins will mix in the mold.
Metering unit series: FipurTec Plus SRIM Features: Chops and sprays long glass and PUR resin into open mold; wets glass outside mixhead.
The company commercialized the floating mold technology and markets it as a complete closed-mold system being used to mold parts using vinyl ester, polyester, and urethane resin systems, plus RIM, SRIM, and epoxy-based parts.
The result was a fiberglass reinforced SRIM (structurally reinforced injection molded) outer with high strength SMC (sheet molded compound) reinforcements.
A long rectangular mold was used to carry out the SRIM experiments.
On our SRIM box we worked with an Ohio-based molder called MFG and our tier two suppliers were Owens Corning and Bayer.
SRIM also announced that it expected about 200 attendees at its second national conference in mid-May.