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A day of action, led by SSW campaigner Don Staniford, will see activists - who will be in small boats, swimming and kayaking - take samples of water purity around cages, and inspect the sea bed in the area of various fish farms.
As per the Memorandum of Cooperation, a separate unit will be established under the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) to facilitate the recruitment the process of Nepali workers with the status of residence of SSW including call for applicants, facilitating the Japanese side to conduct the language and skills tests and overseeing the deployment of successful applicants to Japan.
"In terms of the UK, around two times out of three, an SSW causes a cold spell of weather to occur a few weeks after.
Forecaster Grahame Madge said: "Seven out of 10 times an SSW in the Arctic brings colder weather to the UK, but it is still too early to say if that will happen this time.
Teesside and much of the UK was left buried under thick snow after an SSW saw air above the North Pole collapse and warm the polar cap.
Earlier this year Cheshire was blanketed in snow after an SSW saw air above the North Pole collapse and warm the polar cap.
Jeff Knight, manager of modelling climate variability at the Met Office said: "There is now a very high likelihood of an SSW happening around the end of the year.
Paul tweeted about the weather predictions, writing: "High up above the troposphere in the boundary layer stratosphere there are signs of a SSW for Christmas.
When ranked by the amount of additional SSW they would receive if they worked to age 70, married women in the top quartile would gain an average of over $36,000, compared with only $1,300 for those in the bottom quartile.
An SSW in March 2013 led to Britain's coldest April for 24 years and lasted until June.