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1. Suffolk.
2. suffragan.


1. sufficient.
2. suffix.
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suff. Social dissipation, fiant pilulae quam plurimae: to be taken, feasting, three times a day!"
New Season Lambs (48) - Catcune (Suff) PS158; Catcune (Tex) PS147; Spittal (X) PS137; West Lepcropt (Hamp) PS136.
Spring lambs prices per head: Suff PS144 Belhelvie; Down PS126 Balgonar.
New season lambs (29) - Pyeston (Suff) 320p; Langside (Char) 318p; West Lecropt (Hamp) 317p; 2 Keltie Bridge (X) 293p.
New season lambs (16) - Langside (Char) 319p ; Chalmerstone (Suff ) 316p; Wood (Dors) 283p; Wallaceton (Zwa) 267p.
Forward Cattle (31)- averaged 170.55p to 214.30ppk for a LIMX from Hatton of 300.0p; Wood (Suff ) 285.0p; Balgonar (X) 280.0p; Whitehouse 277.0p; Castleton (Hamp) 259.00p.
Suff.x: pounds 60 East Learmouth, pounds 58 Branxton Moor, pounds 53.50 Great Ryle, pounds 52.50 Chillingham Home Farm.
Old season lambs (5401) Coilavoulin (BTex) 295p; Calfward (Tex) 260p; Snawdon (Chev) 241p; Muirhouses (Suff) 230p; East Bracklinn (BF) 225p; Scart (Mule) 222p; Abercairny (Swale) PS216p; GIlston (Chev/mule) 208p.
Leading prices per kg: Beltex X 244p and 243p Craigend; Texel X 241p Whitecross; Beltex 238p Meikle Seggie; Texel 238p Ormiston; Cont 232p Easter Buchlyvie; Cont X 228p and 225p West Lundie; Suff 215p Easter Ochtermuthill; Suff X 210p Summerhouse; Mule 202p Meikle Seggie; BF 188p Innieshewan Farms.
4yo Tex to PS128; 4yo Mule to PS126; Aged Suff ewes to PS105.
1 night, price per person, per break Location Friday 20 December Saturday 21 December Corton Coastal Village, Suff olk PS69 PS69 Gunton Hall Coastal Village, Suff olk PS69 PS69 Lakeside Coastal Village, Hampshire PS69 PS69 Alvaston Hall Hotel, Cheshire PS79 PS99 Cricket St.
Leading prices: Lambs per head - Beltex PS96 Cuiltburn and West Lundie; Beltex X PS95 and PS93 Easter Cash; Cont PS94 Cuiltburn; Cont X PS93 Leysbent; Texel PS93 Meikle Seggie; Texel X PS91 Pitcairlie and Grange of Lindores; Suff PS90 Grange of Lindores; Suff X PS88.50 Hilltarvit Mains; Mule PS74 Middlepark and Braco Castle; BF PS68 Braco Castle.