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The therapeutic generation of local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents.

di′a·ther′mic (-mĭk) adj.


(ˈdaɪəˌθɜːmɪ) or


(Medicine) local heating of the body tissues with an electric current for medical or surgical purposes
[C20: from New Latin diathermia, from dia- + Greek thermē heat]


(ˈdaɪ əˌθɜr mi)

also di•a•ther•mi•a

(ˌdaɪ əˈθɜr mi ə)

the therapeutic generation of heat in body tissues by electric currents.
[< German Diathermie (1909). See dia-, -thermy]
di`a•ther′mic, adj.


a method of treatment involving the production of heat in the body by electric currents. Also diathermia. — diathermic, adj.
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A method used during surgery to allow cutting without excessive bleeding, using a high-frequency electric current.
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Noun1.diathermy - a method of physical therapy that involves generating local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents
modality - a method of therapy that involves physical or electrical therapeutic treatment


n. diatermia, aplicación de calor a los tejidos del cuerpo por medio de una corriente eléctrica.
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