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 (sä′nən, zä′-)
A dairy goat of a breed developed in Switzerland, having a short-haired white or cream-colored coat.

[After Saanen, a town of southwest Switzerland.]
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The Kennedy School, in the lovely village of Saanen, Switzerland continues to be a warm and caring place where children can grow and develop - a place where cooperation and team work go hand-in-hand with the opportunity to compete, where putting forth your best effort is just as important as winning, where developing good communication and problem-solving skills are seen as the key to becoming productive, responsible, global citizens.
The team's analysis found four gene variants (R143, S146, H154, and K222) in the genes of Boer, Nubian, Saanen, Toggenburg, and a few other goat breeds.
The collaborative work of dedicated Wisconsin cheese enthusiasts Martin Hintz and Pam Percy (who reside on five acres in suburban Milwaukee where they raise two Saanen dairy goats, raise vegetables, chicken and quality, in addition to writing books and articles on travel, history, and food), "Wisconsin Cheese: A Cookbook And Guide To The Cheeses Of Wisconsin" is a 272-page celebration of Wisconsin's contribution to cheesemaking, including more than 100 thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes showcasing the nutrition, flavors, and diversities of cheese.
But the Kiwi run king, who has played 22 Tests and 83 one-day internationals, has revealed the biggest part of his preparations before his trip around the world has been selling pet Saanen goats called Paris and Bucket.
The farm currently has a herd of 116 Nubian, Alpine, Saanen and crossbred goats.
After listening to instructions from our leader at Rivieres et Aventures, we set off from Saanen to Chateau d'Oex, a 15km trip through the gorges of Vanel and Gerignoz.
Forty-four multiparous dairy goats, purebreed and crossbreed of Nubian, Toggenburg, Saanen, La Mancha and French Alpine breeds were used to determine the effect of Norgestomet (3 and 6mg) when used in conjunction with eCG during the anestrous season on the time to onset of estrus, induced estrous, fertility, gestation duration, number of kids per doe and kids birth weights.
The Local History Museum Saanen, the beautiful old farmhouses and historic churches are also well worth a visit as they reflect local lifestyles and culture from past to present.
Hamilton: 2.30 Desert Deer, 3.00 Quazar, 3.30 Sihafi, 4.00 Downland, 5.05 Saanen
The common breeds reared in Kenya are Toggenburg, Saanen, British Alpine, and German Alpine.