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 (sä′nən, zä′-)
A dairy goat of a breed developed in Switzerland, having a short-haired white or cream-colored coat.

[After Saanen, a town of southwest Switzerland.]
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George Momanyi, NairobiThe commonbreedsinclude Toggenburg, Boer, Saanen, Alpine, Anglo Nubian and Angora.
At Paradizoo, an eco-farm, kids enjoy visiting the Farm Frenzy, where they can cuddle and buy some animals like rabbits, hamsters and love birds, and parents can purchase Dorer sheep, Boer, Kalahri and Saanen dairy goats, Russa and turkey from Australia.
8232;The rest of the island is a nature reserve and on windy walks you can spot wild Eriskay ponies, Soay sheep and Saanen goats.
While the level of somatic cells in the milk of goats Saanen during the first lactation was morally low in comparison with the other lactations (Orman et al.
The space is open entirely on all four sides, - second space: The stand of the french goat milk sector (of the order of 264 m 2 ) is split into 2 parts: - the part dedicated to the promotion of goat cheeses, Managed by anicap: 134 m 2 comprising a mainstream section, A technical part with storage and hot water point and a reception area, - the part dedicated to animals (goats) managed by the capgenes selection body, Comprises: - an enclosure of 50 m 2 (10 m x 5 m) for the alpine and saanen breeds, - a second space of 80 m 2 with breeds with small numbers (4 or 5 different breeds), A presentation stand for capgenes and another for ets morisset (manufacturer of timber framing for goats).
The Snowsports Saanen, John F Kennedy, Lauenen Snowsports, and Private Snowsports Team are exclusive schools to practice on private slopes while assisted by personal coaches.
Efeito da restricao alimentar sobre algumas caracteristicas de carcaca de cabritos f1 Boer x Saanen.
PESHAWAR -- The Livestock and Dairy Development Department KP has decided to import 150 Saanen goats in order to enlarge milk and meat productivity besides earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.
I met Joe and Emilee in the parking lot with Tessa, a black Alpine doe, and Sylvia, a Saanen doe.
2013a) implemented the Exhaustive CHAID algorithm to predict first lactation milk yield by means of udder traits and somatic cell count in Turkish Saanen goat.
Para el segundo experimento el dano mitocondrial es menor con LS y los espermios de la raza Saanen (P [menor que o igual a] 0,05).
Se utilizaron 12 cabras adultas locales (cruzas de razas Saanen, Alpina Francesa, Toggenburg y Nubia), de uno a cuatro anos de edad, con peso promedio de 34 kg, condicion corporal media de 2.