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(Placename) the French name for the Saar


(zɑr, sɑr)

1. French, Sarre. a river in W Europe, flowing N from the Vosges mountains in NE France to the Moselle River in W Germany. 150 mi. (240 km) long.
2. Also called Saar′ Ba′sin. a coal producing region in W Germany, in the Saar River valley: under French economic control 1919–35, 1945–56.
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Along the Saar River, his unit took heavy fire from German forces.
com VOLKLINGEN SHOWING the diversity of Germany's UNESCO sites, the Volklingen Ironworks on the banks of the Saar River, is a sprawling piece of industrial heritage that was classified as a World Cultural Heritage site 20 years ago.
Wooldridge's division was ordered to disengage from the Saar River in northeastern France and western Germany that rises in the Vosges mountains.
Operated by Vacansoleil it was beautiful, set 200 metres above the meandering Saar River, and above the pretty town of Saarburg.
The campsite of Warsberg was beautiful, set some 200 metres above the meandering Saar River and the pretty town of Saarburg.
Spend a week at a camp at Saarburg, a pretty town in the Saar river valley near the Luxembourg border.