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 (zär-bro͝ok′ən, sär-, zär-brük′-)
A city of southwest Germany on the Saar River near the French border south of Bonn. Located on the site of earlier Celtic, Roman, and Frankish settlements, it was chartered in 1321.


(German zaːrˈbrykən)
(Placename) an industrial city in W Germany, capital of Saarland state, on the Saar River. Pop: 181 860 (2003 est)


(zɑrˈbrʊk ən, sɑr-)

a city in W Germany: the capital of Saarland. 189,102.
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1962 - Coal mine explosion in Saarbruecken, Germany, kills 298 miners.
Next May, German fans will gather again at the "SherloCon" festival in the city of Saarbruecken.
Mannheim AT LEAST four people are dead after a fire that broke out Sunday in a social housing block in the western German city of Saarbruecken, police said.
The German news agency (dpa) reported that one person who jumped off the roof of the burning building in the city of Saarbruecken on Sunday was injured severely.
A judge in the district court of Saarbruecken (https://www.
The contrast agent was administered using a power injector (Medtron, Saarbruecken, Germany) followed by a 20-ml saline flush injection at a flow rate of 2.
An armed man drenched in blood barricaded himself into a restaurant in Saarbruecken in southwest Germany on Sunday, a police official said.
Schmitt, INM, Saarbruecken, for the helpful cooperation of the experiments.
Start-up Company SECTAGO GmbH based in Saarbruecken, Germany, has developed innovative methods to create a new type of diffractive origination using unique self-built mastering equipment and proprietary software, materials and processes.
DFKI Workshop on Natural Language Generation, DFKI Document D-97-06, Saarbruecken.
Address for correspondence: Franz Marschall, PhD, Institute of Sport Science, Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany, Email: f.
Mr Kirchhoff, from Saarbruecken, was a passenger in the Ford.