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also Sa·re·ma  (sär′ə-mä′)
An island of western Estonia in the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga. Long strategically important, it has been controlled by the Teutonic Knights and by Livonia, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and Estonia.
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(ˈsɑr əˌmɑ)

an island in the Baltic, at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga, belonging to Estonia. 1048 sq. mi. (2714 sq. km).
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Die erste planmassige Ausgrabung in Asva, auf der Insel Saaremaa, wurde im Jahre 1934 vom Archaologischen Kabinett der Universitat Tartu unter der Leitung von Richard Indreko organisiert.
In der estnischen Dialektsprache, insbesondere in den Grenzgebieten zwischen Sud- und Westestland (von Haademeeste bis Vastseliina), im Westen der Insel Saaremaa und in den auf lettischem Territorium gelegenen Sprachinseln (bei Aluksne und Ludza) findet sich reichlich lettisches Lehngut.
Games officials will also be executive with Anglesey's logo visiting Anglesey's rivals -- Aland, in Finland, and Saaremaa, in Estonia.
Typical shallow-crustal granites with rapakivi texture are found in the central part (Bogatikov & Birkis 1973), while subvolcanic granophyres occupy large areas in its northern part--on the basement of Ruhnu Island in the Gulf of Riga and in the southwestern part of Saaremaa Island (Kuuspalu 1975; Puura et al.
The occurrence of some newly recognized pathogenic Old World hantaviruses was reported (Amur virus from Apodemus peninsulae in the Far East and Saaremaa virus from A.
TALLINN, Aug 6 (LETA--BNS) The Estonian state-owned postal and logistics company Eesti Post, which operates under the Omniva brand, is to start issuing international postal packages from parcel terminals also on the island of Saaremaa, the northeastern border town of Narva and all districts of Tallinn where this service has not been introduced yet.
Using conodont-based correlations between Gotland and Saaremaa (Estonia), Jeppsson et al.
Man geht davon aus, dass sich auf Saaremaa und in der nordestnischen Kustenzone verschiedene nebeneinander existierende Siedlungs- und Wirtschaftsareale gebildet haben, mit sog.
Secondary-stressed feet in the usage of western Saaremaa and eastern Vorumaa
And they will be able to compare Anglesey's progress against its fiercest rivals, Aland in Finland and the Estonian island of Saaremaa.
The lower boundary of the Paadla Regional Stage was originally established at the top of the Kaarma dolomite, known as good building material on Saaremaa Island (Luha 1930, 1933).