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 (săb′ā-ŏth′, sə-bā′ōth′)
pl.n. Bible
Hosts; armies: the Lord of Sabaoth.

[Latin sabaoth, from Greek sabaōth, from Hebrew ṣəbā'ôt, pl. of ṣābā', army, from ṣābā', to wage war; see ṣ́bʔ in Semitic roots.]
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(sæˈbeɪɒθ; ˈsæbeɪɒθ)
(Bible) Bible hosts, armies (esp in the phrase the Lord of Sabaoth in Romans 9:29)
[C14: via Latin and Greek from Hebrew ç'bāōth, from çābā]
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Noun1.Sabaoth - (plural) hosts or armies; used in the book of Romans in the New Testament; "Lord of Sabaoth"
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
legion, host - archaic terms for army
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His name is Jehova Sabaoth, Jehova Rapha, Yahweh God and the I Am, That I Am.
This will please you, O Yahweh Sabaoth, more than the hundreds of charity projects that bear their names.
The most prominent of these occurs at the fifth verse of the hymn, "Sanctus: Sanctus: Sanctus: Dominus Deus sabaoth," where by having choir II answer "Sanctus" to each "Sanctus" in choir I, he represents the cries of both the cherubim and seraphim.
History submits events like a flow of finely ground rubbish to the bureaucratic production lines of diplomacy, but her great universal decisions, which become the law of the life of nations for entire ages, she proclaims alone without any mediators, surrounded by thunder and lightning, like Sabaoth from the height of Sinai" (318).
(13.) One might also think of the sanctus deus dominus sabaoth of the Tridentine Mass, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of the Greek Orthodox service, George Rawson's hymn "God the Lord is King," and German "Herrgott."
"The All" to whom Valle-Inclan refers is the Supreme Deity of Gnosticism, not the moody, inequitable Jehovah (Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, Iao, Sabaoth) of the Old Testament, nor is He the merciful (thus obviously reconditioned by Christianity) God the Father of the New Testament, who is supposedly accessible to man through prayer and the intercession of saints.
Deploying to the left our light horse swept across the heights of Plevna and, uttering their warcry Bonafide Sabaoth, sabred the Saracen gunners to a man.
Factum es silentium, Decantabat populus Israel, Plange quasi virgo, Ornaverunt faciem templi, Percussit Saul mille, Benedictus Dominus Deus Sabaoth, Laudate Dominum in sanctis eius, Descendit angelus Domini, Anima mea liquefacta est, Virgo decus nemorum, Audite verbum Domini, Veni in hortum meum, Deus misereatur nostri, and Ecce panis angelorum.