Sabbath breaker

one who violates the law of the Sabbath.

See also: Sabbath

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Making standard anti-Sabbatarian arguments about the Scriptures, he noted that Jesus was considered a Sabbath breaker and had-said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.
Two guns found with the body were consistent with the shootings and the body had a tattoo on the chest that said Sabbath Breaker, which Smith was said to have, said local police chief Mr Jim Kennedy.
"But then a lot of the representations come from a religious perspective, because canal people were often seen as alcoholic, illiterate Sabbath breakers whose children were mistreated.
A Memoriall of Gods Judgments upon Sabbath breakers, Drunkerds and other vile livers (British Library, Sloane Manuscript 1457), 18 pages.