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A flat area, typically lying between a desert and an ocean or salt lake, whose surface is characterized by efflorescences of salt, gypsum, and calcium carbonate as well as windblown sediments and often tidal deposits.

[Arabic sabaḫa, sabḫa, salt marsh, sabkha, sabiḫa, to rest; see šbḫ in Semitic roots.]


(ˈsæbxə; -kə) or




(ˈsæbxət; -kət)
(Geological Science) a flat coastal plain with a salt crust, common in Arabia
[C19: from Arabic]
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15am, a massive band of clouds carrying light to moderate rains is covering the islands of Abu Musa to coastal areas from Ras Al Khaimah to Sharjah, Dubai, extending to Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi city, and down south towards Asab, Sabkhah and close to the border, based on the satellite monitoring on the website of the UAE Met office.
They also include the Al Faheidi Fort and Al Sabkhah as part of the largest open air historic district built around Khor Dubai.
The project includes the conversion of a number of streets in Bur Dubai, Al Fahidi and Deira to pedestrian walkways enabling easier access to upgraded public areas, including Al Sabkhah Square.