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(ˈseɪ bərˌtuθ)
any of several extinct members of the cat family Felidae, from the Oligocene to Pleistocene epochs, having greatly elongated, saberlike upper canine teeth.
Also called sa′ber-toothed` ti′ger.
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Noun1.sabertooth - any of many extinct cats of the Old and New Worlds having long swordlike upper canine teethsabertooth - any of many extinct cats of the Old and New Worlds having long swordlike upper canine teeth; from the Oligocene through the Pleistocene
big cat, cat - any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
Smiledon californicus - North American sabertooth; culmination of sabertooth development
false saber-toothed tiger - North American cat of the Miocene and Pliocene; much earlier and less specialized than members of the genus Smiledon
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(Tue, Library Theatre) X-Men Origins: Wolverine (12A) Hugh Jackman gives good howl in a prequel about how Wolvie got his metal claws and the revenge quest against his brother Sabretooth. *** Mike Davies
Featuring the infamous dire wolf - one of the most feared land predators of all time - a giant 12-foot-tall bear and a sabretooth cat, the long-lost mega beasts will be on display for the first time when the zoo's Predators exhibition makes it world premiere on May 26.
A mammoth, a sabretooth tiger and a sloth must band together after they stumble across a human baby and agree they need to get the youngster home.
Other big horror names appearing include Danny Trejo, who has starred in the films Heat and Con Air, and the shows Breaking Bad and The X-Files, and Tyler Mane who played Sabretooth in X-Men and Michael Myers in the 2007 remake of Halloween.
This 18-issue series marks the end of the Hunt for Wolverine line as Daredevil, Tony Stark, Sabretooth, and Kitty Pryde prepare to meet and compare notes on the elusive adamantium-clawed anti-hero.
Throughout history we have copied and 'improved' on what nature has to offer: Sabretooth tigers have claws and we don't?
"And it had teeth a Sabretooth tiger would have been proud of.
Researchers are also looking into a type of fish known as the sabretooth benny, which stabs victims with a heroin-like substance to impair them.
The same impulse that kept us from being eaten by a sabretooth tiger in prehistoric times will also cause us to own a closet full of shirts that we never wear.
Still, many fans believe the upcoming film will show an aged Logan especially since Liev Schreiber, who played Sabretooth in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," told ( Jimmy Fallon that there's a big possibility that the arc will be explored.
Many more of the world's biggest and baddest creatures, including the black rhino, the dodo, giant tortoises, the sabretooth tiger, and the great auk, have vanished since our world became truly global.