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 (săk′ə-gə-wē′ə, sä-kä′gä-wē′ä) or Sac·a·ja·we·a (săk′ə-jə-wē′ə) 1787?-1812?
Shoshone guide and interpreter who accompanied (1805-1806) the Lewis and Clark expedition.
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Noun1.Sacagawea - the Shoshone guide and interpreter who guided the Lewis and Clark expedition part of the way
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The excerpts below are part of a longer instructional conversation focusing on the status of Sacagawea as a slave, while at the same time highlighting the pivotal role she played in the survival of the Expedition.
He argues for William Clark's role as the primary geographic problem-solver of the partnership, not just the practical manager of boats and personnel; describes the interaction between explorers and Native guides as a joint venture; and challenges conventional ideas about the role of Sacagawea, the dynamics between Lewis and Clark, and Lewis's decline and death after the expedition.
Not that it comes as a surprise, but if this series is an indication, Indians are apparently as popularly appealing as Jennifer Lopez and Princess Diana (their biographies were released concurrently with Sacagawea and Tecumseh); and Sitting Bull entered the series on the same day as Bob Marley.
Our real life companions can't hold a candle to the gentle Mrs de Winter, the wily Taita, and the indestructible Dirk Pitt, or for those us who like to get their thrills from the re-creation of the past, who can lead you into a different time the way Sacagawea did Lewis and Clark or Nocona did with his enduring love for Cynthia Ann Parker?
From the origin of legal tender, to the role currency has played throughout history, to why some currency and coinage (such as the Sacagawea dollar and the two-dollar bill) seems to disappear after being released while other forms stay, to the relative advantages of coins vs.
Once she opened the door, more than half the class quickly and proudly reported some genetic link to Indians, some even to Sacagawea and Sitting Bull.
Davis and Hunt present more than 200 stamps, ranging from the first to honor a woman (Queen Isabella of Spain), issued in 1893, to the 2007 Christmas stamp featuring Bernardino Luini's painting "The Madonna of the Carnation." Many well-known historical figures are portrayed, including Pocahontas and Sacagawea, suffragette Susan B.
Each character from the Corps is given a descriptive identifier so that each time he speaks, Lewis is "the explorer," Clark is "the gentleman," Drouillard is "the half-breed" and Hugh Hall is "the drinker." Sacagawea, "the bird woman," present in spirit from the beginning, is especially well drawn.
The pace of artistic creation has recently stepped up, as Thanadelthur has moved from a position of relative obscurity to a prominent place as a Canadian iconographic equivalent to the better known Pocahontas and Sacagawea. In 2000, she was commemorated as a "Person of National Historic Significance." (4) Pocahontas is well-known in United States folklore about early English colonization of the east coast, and Sacagawea has emerged as an important figure in connection with the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
* USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2), a Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship, was the third ship operated by the United States Navy to be named for Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who acted as guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and one of the few United States Navy ships named for women.
When we go into schools, we always arm our folks with candy or a gift as simple as a Sacagawea gold coin.
Anthony and Sacagawea dollars flopped because it is modeled after the popular 50 State Quarters Program.