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 (săk′ə-gə-wē′ə, sä-kä′gä-wē′ä) or Sac·a·ja·we·a (săk′ə-jə-wē′ə) 1787?-1812?
Shoshone guide and interpreter who accompanied (1805-1806) the Lewis and Clark expedition.
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Noun1.Sacagawea - the Shoshone guide and interpreter who guided the Lewis and Clark expedition part of the way
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In essence she is torn apart, lay claim to like a land divided into countries and we have lost her to myth, [italics mine] Of course, there are no lost journals of Sacajewea's.
As wife, mother, and Indian, Sacajewea had no voice in the journey, or the journals.
But there are crucial differences in Sacajewea's version, ones that serve to distinguish and highlight the vast gulf between world views, and, knowing as we do how the story turns out, illustrate the profound nature of what has been lost.
Sacajewea names the days not in white man's terms, using the Gregorian calendar, but in the traditional way, by the moon and the seasons: Strawberry Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Moon of the Strong Cold.
Let's see, Sacajewea, the one on the new dollar coin: something to do with the Pilgrims?
The few pictures included are of the statue of Sacajewea; stamps and portraits of several chiefs such as Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, and Washakie; a few maps, including one of the execution of Captain Jack, complete with gallons; and several of the Quinault Tribe building canoes, as well as one of the tribal billboards requiring all who enter reservation lands to conform to tribal laws.