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 (săk′vĭl′), Thomas First Earl of Dorset. 1536-1608.
English statesman and poet who collaborated with Thomas Norton (1532-1584) on the blank-verse drama Gorboduc (1561), the first tragedy written in English.


(Biography) Thomas, 1st Earl of Dorset. 1536–1608, English poet, dramatist, and statesman. He collaborated with Thomas Norton on the early blank-verse tragedy Gorboduc (1561)


(ˈsæk vɪl)

Thomas, 1st Earl of Dorset, 1536–1608, English statesman and poet.
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This first tragedy was written by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset.
And this first tragedy, written by Norton and Sackville, is called Gorboduc, and is founded upon the legend of Gorboduc, King of Britain.
After Nicholas Udall and Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, the writers of our first comedy and first tragedy, there came:--
When they wrote the play Norton and Sackville were law students at the Inner Temple, and from other law students during the following years came other plays, which were generally acted at festival seasons, such, as Christmas, at the lawyers' colleges, or before the Queen, though the common people were also admitted among the audience.
Thomson walked slowly to the end of Sackville Street, crossed the road and made his way to the Ritz Hotel.
She expressly conditioned, however, for paying no visits, and would do no more than accompany them to Gray's in Sackville Street, where Elinor was carrying on a negotiation for the exchange of a few old-fashioned jewels of her mother.
And now Veneering shoots out of the Study wherein he is accustomed, when contemplative, to give his mind to the carving and gilding of the Pilgrims going to Canterbury, in order to show Twemlow the little flourish he has prepared for the trumpets of fashion, describing how that on the seventeenth instant, at St James's Church, the Reverend Blank Blank, assisted by the Reverend Dash Dash, united in the bonds of matrimony, Alfred Lammle Esquire, of Sackville Street, Piccadilly, to Sophronia, only daughter of the late Horatio Akershem, Esquire, of Yorkshire.
Having learned the address of Mitchell, Sons, & Candy from a directory at the Berkeley, I was soon at their office in Sackville Street.
This article was about a plan to permanently house Canada's naval memorial, HMCS Sackville (K181), the last of the Royal Canadian Navy's 123 corvettes, in a significant facility worthy of her status.
Sackville Developments, which owns and develops Tournament Fields, has agreed a deal to create the new 22,500 sq ft, two-storey building which Geberit will lease back.
Elizabeth Hirsh has drawn attention to how Woolf's inclusion of the Sackville portraits functions as a way of taking possession of Sackville-West, de-privatizing her life, heritage and estate (171-75).
These poems make up a very small percentage of the poetry that women wrote, yet, these poems get much more attention than the excellent poetry of Margaret Sackville that we will discuss later.