Sacrifice hit

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(Baseball) in batting, a hit of such a kind that the batter loses his chance of tallying, but enables one or more who are on bases to get home or gain a base.

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Schaefer advanced from third to home and scored on Cobb's flyout [which, according to the official 1908 scoring rules, was a sacrifice hit (fly)].
The line on Bonds against Peters is 0-for-11 with two walks, three strikeouts and one sacrifice hit.
To further muddy the waters, the seventh and eighth batters--Heinie Reitz and Boileryard Clarke respectively--only had four plate appearances each, but Joe Corbett, batting ninth, had five: four AB plus one sacrifice hit. How can a later batting order position have more plate appearances than an earlier position?
In this situation, the sample space is plate appearances, each of which can result in a single, double, triple, home run, walk, hit-by-pitch, error, sacrifice hit, sacrifice fly, fielder's choice, catcher's interference, or out.
(6) Another curious item was that both box scores showed both Grady and Gilbert with one sacrifice hit. From a review of the evidence, it was clear that the home runs by Grady and Gilbert never happened.
For example, from 1926-1930, Babe Ruth's sacrifice hit totals were 10, 14, 8, 13 and 21; then, from 1931-1935, after the scoring rule was changed, Ruth was not credited with a single sacrifice.
Chapman is still the best bunter in the baseball history, being the sixth rank hitter to have 334 sacrifice hits in nine seasons.
(Although officially second in sacrifice hits in 1908, the White Sox probably led the league in sacrifice bunts that year too; that year, sacrifice flies were added to the total for sacrifice hits, and Cleveland--overall league leader--had a much better offense and probably had far more sacrifice flies.) The White Sox never led the league in stolen bases during 1905-08, but their average of 198.5 steals in those four years trailed only New York and Washington and was 13 percent better than the league average.
She still holds the Bengals' record for sacrifice hits in a season with 22 and is third all-time in career triples.
Total appearances at the plate shall include official times at bat, plus bases on balls, times hit by pitcher, sacrifice hits, sacrifice flies and times awarded first base because of interference or obstruction.
The problem with batting average, though, is that the denominator, official at-bats, excludes walks, hit-by-pitch situations and sacrifice hits. So a superior measure of a player's performance is his on-base percentage, which consists of the number of times he reaches base via a hit, walk or hit-by-pitch, all divided by his number of at-bats plus his walks, hit-by-pitch instances and sacrifice flies.