Saddle joint

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in sheet-metal roofing, a joint formed by bending up the edge of a sheet and folding it downward over the turned-up edge of the next sheet.

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total building site equipment, - earth excavation 1 400 m, - reinforced concrete booms 580 m, - concrete exterior walls and piers 80 m, - reinforced concrete element ceilings 350 m, - prestressed concrete corner 60 m, - Prefabricated reinforced concrete walls 720 m, - prefabricated concrete sections - total length = 90 m, - Steel reinforced saddle joint FT l = 16-20 m 8 pcs, - prestressed concrete hollow cover 630 m, - masonry walls KS 1 600 m, - brick facade 910 m, - Lime plaster wall plaster 2 600 m, - steel plates 18 pcs.
The circular layout mimics how the thumb's saddle joint naturally moves, and with less-used keys on the outside, the need to reach is minimized.
It is a combination of a hinge joint- between the femur and tibia and a saddle joint between the tibia and fibular.