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Adj.1.saddle-shaped - shaped in the form of a horse's saddle
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Another great volcano, with a saddle-shaped summit, also emitted from its immense crater little jets of steam.
These surfaces included spheres, amoebas and complex hyperbolic structures, or saddle-shaped or doughnut-shaped abstract objects with multiple openings.
The buildings are built in 2 A' floor as the element construction with brick facades and saddle-shaped tiled roof.
The saddle-shaped seat feels strange at first (and I would recommend you don't try it in a skirt) but actually, I find I can balance well and hook my unused arm around the stubby chair-arm to counter when leaning to the patient on my right.
Epandrium irregularly saddle-shaped, with strong setae; surstylus elongate and slightly blunted apically, margin with dense setulae; cercus broad with long setae (Figs.
Instead, they must be slightly saddle-shaped to match the curve found at the outer edge of the central mirror.
The structure conveys the FRAC's mission--and its relationship to the city--by blending the Paris-based firm's radical, saddle-shaped design into the existing edifices around it.
It took several hours just to walk the outside grounds and view museum interiors; the saddle-shaped Cenotaph with the names of all the city's known holocaust victims, the Eternal Flame, Peace Hall, the Childrens' Peace Monument and more.
American earlier said saddle-shaped clamps installed to hold the seats down were put in backwards.
4 with filiform trichoid sensillae, with about 22 serrulae; serrulae at centre saddle-shaped, broadly rounded at apex, with about 3 or 4 flat, irregular posterior subbasal denticles and two small anterior sub-basal denticles (Fig.
In a negatively curved, saddle-shaped universe, parallel beams would diverge.
Since I am disinclined to climb anything higher than myself, he suggests a walk up Tjeldbergtind, a 1,200ft saddle-shaped hill overlooking the town.