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Sadduceeism, Sadducism

the beliefs and practices of an ancient Jewish sect made up largely of the priestly aristocracy and opposing the Pharisees in both political and doctrinal matters, especially literal and less legalistic interpretation of the Jewish law, rejection of the rabbinical and prophetic traditions, and denying immortality, retribution in a future life, and the existence of angels. Cf. Phariseeism. — Sadducee, n. — Sadducean, adj.
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Yet it is clear that Glanvill was so persistent because of the prevalence of sadducism -- disbelief in supernatural forces in the world -- in Restoration society and particularly among the `scoffers' of the court and the coffee houses.
6) In his chapter on the "wonders of the invisible world," Mather carries this notion of Sadducism forward, quoting a preface to a "true" witchcraft narrative which claims that "This great instance [of possession] comes with such convincing evidence, that he must be a very obdurate Sadducee, that will not believe it.
Joseph Glanvill, A Blow at Modern Sadducism in some