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n. pl. Oromo or O·ro·mos
1. A member of a people of southern and central Ethiopia and northern Kenya.
2. The Cushitic language of the Oromo.


(ɔˈroʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos, (esp. collectively) -mo.
1. a member of an African people or group of peoples of central and S Ethiopia and N Kenya.
2. the Cushitic language of the Oromo.
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He said the SADF front company, Delta G, and researcher Graham Gibson started doing separate Aids research for the SADF a few years later.
In 1972, the Pistola Star Modelo BM, a shortened and lightened version of the Modelo B, was adopted for issue to army officers and the Guardia Civil, while others were sold to the SADF and Rhodesia.
The 1987 murder of Parks investigators Martin Marimo and Martin Sibanda near Gonarezhou is sometimes brought up to strengthen the theory of an SADF connection.
Nicknamed Os Terriveis (the Terrible Ones), they became one of the best counter-insurgency forces in the SADF. "Forged in Battle" follows the birth and growth of 32nd Battalion from former enemies and terrorists into decorated soldiers.
The SDGs was organized by South Asian Disability Forum (SADF) in collaboration with Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) Pakistan, Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) and National Forum of Women with Disabilities (NFWWD) in partnership with CBM International, Women Refugee Commission, British Council, Sightsavers International and Aurat Foundation.
(xiv) This is illustrated most saliently in the amnesty applications from the SADF. Tutu notes that some officers of the SADF 'hardly cooperated with the commission at all' and applied for amnesty only because they had been implicated in gross human rights violations through the amnesty applications of members of the Police Force (1999, pp.
the UDF was renamed the South African Defense Force (SADF).
Recientemente se ha empezado a usar metodos basados en pruebas de raiz unitaria, de las cuales ya hay varias versiones, entre ellas las pruebas de Dickey-Fuller aumentada (ADF), supADF (SADF), backwardsupADF (BSADF) y generalizedsupADF (GSADF).
Dance Domain's syllabus and dance styles are based on the curriculum approved by the South African Dance Foundation (SADF).
Turner probes the humanity behind SADF torturers and the motives that prompted freedom fighters to become spies.
Final Path Computation in GFO * GFO calculates the results received from the ICE1, 2, 3 * GFO returns optimal path to ICE1 - (SABCE) (EGHIJL) (LND) [right arrow] (S...E...L..D) (5,7) (12, 8) (5,1) [right arrow] (22, 16) - (SABCE) (EGHKM) (MD) [right arrow] (S...E...M...D) (5,7) (9,6) (7,2) [right arrow] (21, 15) - (SADF) (FHIJL) (LND) [right arrow] (S...F...L...D) (7,3) (8, 15) (5,1) [right arrow] (20, 19) - (SADF) (FHKM) (MD, 4) [right arrow] (S...F...M...D) (7,3) (5, 17) (7,2) [right arrow] (19, 22) * GFO choose a path with Min(cost or delay or hop) by data characteristics