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Achieving a complete set of each type of safe hit in the same game provides an analogous feeling, and the rarity of the occurrence makes it feel exceptional.
One of baseball's most highly-regarded accomplishments by an individual player is hitting for the cycle: collecting at least one of each of the four types of safe hits (single, double, triple, and home run) in the same game.
"He's got life," Magallanes said after one of those wins, sparked by Greenberg turning an extra-inning sacrifice-bunt situation into a safe hit over the onrushing pitcher into undefended territory in front of second base (the Travs later scored on a sacrifice fly after Northwest Arkansas was forced to load the bases following Greenberg's hit).
Sisler laid down a perfect bunt for a safe hit. The ball was near the third-base line and Pennock was the only one who could get near it.
He made a seemingly safe hit just over short-stop's head, which was captured on the fly close to the ground by Hines, after running at terrific speed for more than fifty yards, and, keeping straight on, he touched third base and threw the ball to second before the respective occupants could return, thus making one of the most brilliant of the few triple-plays yet chronicled.
Regarding earned runs, according to Rule 10.18 (a), An earned run shall be charged every time a runner reaches home base by the aid of safe hits, sacrifice bunts, a sacrifice fly, stolen bases, putouts, fielder's choices, bases on balls, hit batters, balks or wild pitches (including a wild pitch on third strike which permits a batter to reach first base) before fielding chances have been offered to put out the offensive team.
Reggie Jackson struck out more times during his career than he got safe hits.
Let them tell me and the public why it was three safe hits were taken from me during that series and two times at bat added.