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Noun1.margin of safety - the margin required in order to insure safetymargin of safety - the margin required in order to insure safety; "in engineering the margin of safety is the strength of the material minus the anticipated stress"
margin - an amount beyond the minimum necessary; "the margin of victory"
index - a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number
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The PSAR includes provisions, both for the design basis and beyond the design basis, needed for safety margins analysis, for earthquakes, tsunamis and aircraft-crash scenarios.
A full investigation was launched and found that the steel supplied was always well within safety margins.
According to the agency, the updated Safety Code includes slightly more restrictive reference levels in some frequency ranges to ensure even larger safety margins to protect all Canadians, including newborn infants and children.
Spokesperson at Airbus said that extensive research and stress testing has established that the E-Fan's battery system provides sufficient safety margins and close supervision of all battery cell parameters are performed during test flights.
But we have to ask 'Do we still have the safety margins that we had previously?
There will always be a debate about the best way to diagnose miscarriages and about whether the present safety margins are adequate.
Admittedly, looking at the picture, it was a cumbersome lot of kit to have to carry when compared with today's compressed air sets and required a great deal of training, but it was a safe set with a built in safety margins, which is lacking in today's compressed air sets.
They wrote that grounding 13 aircraft of 12(B) squadron for three days was the "only option to ensure air safety margins were maintained".
The Wearsiders had arrived on the South Coast with the slenderest of safety margins, hovering only one point above the relegation zone.
Speaking Friday on Radio Express FM about the recent water shortages in many parts of the country, Mohamed Ben Salem, Minister of Agriculture, recognized the responsibility of the Tunisian water distribution facility (SONEDE) whose equipment has been operating, according to him, for years at full speed without taken safety margins.
With more than 40 years of experience working in offshore pipe construction, CRC-Evans knows the importance of safe, reliable equipment for this harsh environment, so the offshore equipment it provides is stronger and has larger operational safety margins than equipment designed for land.