Safety tube

(Chem.) a tube to prevent explosion, or to control delivery of gases by an automatic valvular connection with the outer air; especially, a bent funnel tube with bulbs for adding those reagents which produce unpleasant fumes or violent effervescence.

See also: Safety chain

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The VACUETTE[R] QUICK-SHIELD Complete Plus combines a QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder completely assembled with a VISIO PLUS Multi-Sample Needle which uses a flash window area incorporating a cannula with a hole, transparent hub, and filter.
A major benefit of tube transportation is safety Tube freight systems, since they are automated, without onboard personnel, and operate in isolation, are likely to be far safer than trucks in congested areas with mixed traffic.
It worked well and didn't jam at all, and the safety tube surrounding the primer reservoir tube looks as if it would direct any explosion out the top should something malfunction.
The QUICKSHIELD Complete Plus safety tube holder comes with pre-attached VACUETTE VISIO PLUS needle, sterile and single packed, for safe, simple blood collection.
The Vacuette Quickshield Safety Tube Holder is suitable for daily blood-collection routine due to the user-friendly functioning.
Optional fork safety tubes are now offered on the sidewalls of ShipShape reusable, plastic containers, encasing lift truck tines within steel pockets to secure the container.
Fork safety tubes on container sidewalls make rotating, dumping easier
Optional accessories include casters, fork safety tubes, lockable covers and custom colors.
It is expected that the French market for infrastructure will develop favorably in the coming years with many investments in city bypasses, road upgrades, metro tunnels and Cross-Alpine tunnels for high speed trains, as well as extra safety tubes for existing road tunnels.
Options include custom colors, permanent lettering and graphics, covers, tow hitches and forklift safety tubes for secure cart dumping.
Company is offering optional fork safety tubes on its line of bulk forklift containers.
For customization, optional accessories include fork safety tubes, casters, lockable covers and custom colors.