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(French safi)
(Placename) a port in W Morocco, 170 km (105 miles) northwest of Marrakech, to which it is the nearest port. Pop: 470 000 (2003)


(ˈsæf i)

a seaport in W central Morocco, on the Atlantic Ocean coast. 376,038.
Also, Saf′fi.
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Sidorov, turning to the French, winked, and began to jabber meaningless sounds very fast: "Kari, mala, tafa, safi, muter, Kaska," he said, trying to give an expressive intonation to his voice.
Safi Airways currently operates a fleet of four aircraft; two Airbus A319s, one A320 and one Boeing 767.
Safi Airways at present runs a fleet of four aircraft; two Airbus A319s, one A320 and one Boeing 767.
Dubai -- Following strong demand from end-use homeowners to the launch of Safi, one of the first apartment complexes in Town Square, the trendy lifestyle destination, Nshama has launched Safi II Apartments that deliver the promise of 'live life at your price.
Safi stressed the importance of recognizing autism at an early age to combat its impact on children, as well as continuing therapy for autistic patients throughout their lives.
The financing secured by Safi Energy includes $900 million from the Bank of Japan , $500 million from Moroccan banks Attijariwafa Bank and BNP's BMCI and $485 million from international banks from France and Britain, MAP said.
As the new William and Bettye Martin Musham Director for Islamic Studies, Safi will oversee DISC, the university's hub of teaching, learning and research about Islam and Muslim communities.
The prize Safi received was a medal and an amount of USD 6000.
A statement by the Office of Safi office, said - the Minister of Finance by interim and his accompanying delegation met in Washington with Vice President of MIGA for Multilateral Investment ( one of the agencies of the World Bank) , and discussed the issues relating to the establishment of the IAEA to ensure foreign investor in Iraq in implementation of the agreement signed between Iraq and the IAEA.
Safi, 48, of Aylesford Street, Hillfields, Coventry, was jailed for 15 months and ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.
Safi Airways has come up with a straight forward transparent rewards programme where the passenger can cash in his/her original boarding card stubs for tickets.
Mohammed Aslam, Safi Airways regional manager for Afghanistan and India said: "The flights between Kabul and Mazar-e- Sharif would operate Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.