Saginaw Bay

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Sag′inaw Bay′

an arm of Lake Huron, off the E coast of Michigan. 60 mi. (97 km) long.
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By 1640, the Meskwaki had settled at the west end of Lake Erie, near present-day Detroit, and the Sauk near Saginaw Bay in Michigan.
It has already taken over the eastern shore of Saginaw Bay and is taking over the western coast as well.
ONE BEAUTIFUL OCTOBER day, John Argue and his son Jeff were hunting near Defoe Island in Saginaw Bay, Michigan.
He offers Lake Huron's storied Saginaw Bay as an example of multiple trolling patterns that often exist within a single fishery.
Thousands of acres also grew along the shoreline of Saginaw Bay and in the great marshes of the Saginaw River.
If Canadian oil transport giant Enbridge's twin, 62-year-old underwater pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac were to burst, areas from Harbor Springs on the Lake Michigan side down to Saginaw Bay and the Thumb area on the Lake Huron side could be affected by the escaping oil, the latest computer modeling research shows.
They held a news conference in Bay City near Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay, where nutrient runoff from croplands causes algae blooms that degrade water quality.
At an auction in 2004, WCY Realty, LLC (WCY) purchased 13.25 acres of property in the Township of Fairhaven (Fairhaven) with frontage on Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron for $797,500.
"You wane to go to Saginaw!" exclaimed he, "to Saginaw Bay! Two foreign gentlemen, two rational men, want to go to Saginaw Bay!
Its first two charter schools opened in 2001: the Arts & Technology Academy in Pontiac, an industrial suburb of Detroit; and the Bay County Public School Academy in Bay City, near Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay.
Peter admits it can be tough to spend hours exploring potential hotspots, "especially when time is limited, the fishing is tough, and you're aware you could be catching walleyes on the areas you already know." A classic scenario on his home waters of Saginaw Bay is the bay's shoreline vegetation.