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 (sə-go͞on′tō, sä-)
A city of eastern Spain north-northeast of Valencia. Founded by Greek colonists and later allied with Rome, it was besieged and captured by Carthaginian forces led by Hannibal (219-218 bc), thus precipitating the Second Punic War. Sagunto was held by the Moors from ad 713 until 1238.


(Spanish saˈɣunto)
(Placename) an industrial town in E Spain, near Valencia: allied to Rome and made a heroic resistance to the Carthaginian attack led by Hannibal (219–218 bc). Pop: 58 287 (2003 est). Ancient name: Saguntum


(səˈgun toʊ)

a city in E Spain, north of Valencia: besieged by Hannibal 219–218 B.C. 54,759. Ancient, Sa•gun′tum (-ˈgʌn təm)
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Les edifices construits dans les cites de l'est de l'Espagne Citerieure ne sont jusqu'a present guere plus nombreux: Emporiae, Tarragone, Sagonte (25), Bilbilis, Valeria, Segobriga en constituent seuls actuellement les exemples les plus fiables.
In Europe, the acquisitions of Arvedi and Magona in Italy and the Sagonte iron and steel works in Spain consolidated the Mediterranean site at Fos-sur-Mer while its positions in the north and the east were consolidated with the acquisitions of Cockerill Sambre in Belgium and Eko Stahl in Germany.
On observe que l'expression bellum pertinacitergerere ne presente qu'une autre occurrence, chez Tite-Live 28, 39, 2, ou elle est d'ailleurs appliquee non pas a des ennemis de Rome, mais aux Romains eux-memes que l'ambassade de Sagonte loue de leur opiniatrete a soutenir la guerre contre les Carthaginois: Tum Saguntinorum legatos in senatum introduxit.