Saguenay River

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Sag·ue·nay River

A river, about 180 km (110 mi) long, of southern Quebec, Canada, flowing from Lac Saint-Jean eastward to the St. Lawrence River. It is named for a legendary kingdom sought by European explorers in the 1500s.
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The ferry will operate on the Saguenay river on the TadoussacBaie-Sainte-Catherine route.
(14) Ostensibly independent in 1928 under the name Aluminum Limited (formally renamed Alcan in 1947), (15) the company built the new industrial town of Arvida in the mid-1920s along the Saguenay River valley (north of its confluence with the St.
A 2013 feasibility study outlines development of an open-pit mine and concentrator producing a high-quality apatite concentrate and a transport system delivering the product year round to a deep-water port on the Saguenay River. The project has a 25.75-year mine life, excluding preproduction, at an average production rate of 3 million mt/y of phosphate concentrate, grading 38.6% P205.
Robitaille credited our Lady with saving him from drowning when his horse and sleigh broke through the ice of the Saguenay River one night.
Originally published as C'est le temps d'en parler by the same publisher, the English translation begins with her birth in 1891 at Les Escoumins, a small Quebec village at the mouth of the Saguenay River. Representative of outmigration from these rural regions in this period, the family subsequently moved to the Copper Cliff mines near Sudbury.
The strong dichotomy between the areas to the northeast and to the southwest of the Saguenay River is the main characteristic of the St.
Visit the cemetery in Halifax where Titanic victims are buried and go whale-spotting on the Saguenay River.
Lawrence Seaway and the Saguenay River. Included is a visit to Quebec City.
2--7 nights: Cruising Saguenay River, Corner Brook, Boston, Ft.
Saguenay is located approximately 200 km north of Quebec City along the edge of the Saguenay River. This city has close to 150,000 inhabitants, ranking fourth in population among Quebec's metropolitan areas according to the latest census.
Fifteen species, including blue and beluga whales, can be spotted from the shore of the Saguenay-St Lawrence Marine Park in Tadoussac, at the mouth of the Saguenay River, and Les Escoumins, further north along the coastline.