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 (sə-go͞on′tō, sä-)
A city of eastern Spain north-northeast of Valencia. Founded by Greek colonists and later allied with Rome, it was besieged and captured by Carthaginian forces led by Hannibal (219-218 bc), thus precipitating the Second Punic War. Sagunto was held by the Moors from ad 713 until 1238.


(Spanish saˈɣunto)
(Placename) an industrial town in E Spain, near Valencia: allied to Rome and made a heroic resistance to the Carthaginian attack led by Hannibal (219–218 bc). Pop: 58 287 (2003 est). Ancient name: Saguntum


(səˈgun toʊ)

a city in E Spain, north of Valencia: besieged by Hannibal 219–218 B.C. 54,759. Ancient, Sa•gun′tum (-ˈgʌn təm)
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In 2004, OOC bought a 15% stake in Infraestructuras de Gas of Spain, which then held 50% in the LNG import/re-gasification terminal in Sagunto. The 85% majority in IdG was held by Union Fenosa Gas (UOG), a 50-50 JV of the Spanish power group Union Fenosa and Italy energy group ENI.
This paper shows the results of the analyses carried out on ancient mortars collected from buildings discovered during two recent archaeological excavations at Sagunto, a town located in the Eastern Spain, ca.
Public school teacher Jeffrey Salinas recalled being told this by his parents, describing how rampaging floodwaters washed out their home in the upland village of Sagunto here, the hardest hit in the province by destructive rains and flooding on Jan.
A hospital in Carcaixent, south of the Mediterranean metropolis, had to transfer more than 30 of its patients to other hospitals, while 250 students in the town of Sagunto left their school building due to dense smoke.
Summary: A new freight shipping line between Rades and Sagunto, Spain will come into service on December 7, 2015, the Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN) announced in a statement Thursday.
TUNIS, (TAP) - A new freight shipping line between Rades and Sagunto, Spain will come into service on December 7, 2015, Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN) announced in a statement Thursday.
The European Commission authorised, on 21 September, the proposed acquisition of joint control of Saggas, which runs the regasification plant in Sagunto, Spain, by the Japanese energy firm Osaka Gas CO Ltd.
Saggas runs the commercial and maintenance operations of the Sagunto
Spanish utility Endesa (MCE:ELE) is expected to cash in nearly EUR40m (USD49.7m) from the sale of a 20% interest in the Planta de Regasificacion de Sagunto (Saggas) regasification plant to Japanese company Osaka Gas (TYO:9532), news agency Europa Press said Monday citing informed sources.
The European Commission has approved the United Kingdom-based RREEF Pan-European Infrastructure Fund LP and Spanish energy firms Endesa Generacion and Union Fenosa Gas to acquire Planta De Regasification De Sagunto SA (SAGGAS), a regasification plant in Spain.
The carrier Seri Amanah, placed in service this year, has unloaded at the Sagunto regasification plant in which Iberdrola has 30%.