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n.1.(Bot.) A genus of palms from which sago is obtained.
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* MUSCATINE, IA-HNI Corp., a leader in office furniture, announced its entry into educational furniture through the acquisition of Sagus International Inc.
Privately-held Sagus, with three manufacturing units, is reported to be the second largest source of educational furniture in North America.
HNI said Sagus will continue to operate as a "focused, stand-alone business with a unique brand position and strategy."
Tourigny is survived by her husband Robert Tourigny, of Inglis, Fla; one son Jim Tourigny of Sagus, CA; one daughter, Valarie Davenport of Inglis, Fla; one brother Dale Narva of Rutland, MA; one sister Carolyn Glancey of Barre, MA and four grandchildren.
At the end of last year, the company established a Canadian division by purchasing Sagus Security Inc.
The security systems are based on credit-card-sized Luna2 encryption processors from Chrysalis-ITS, and Defensor Mainframe security gateways from SAGUS Security, both of Ottawa.
The Chrysalis-ITS and SAGUS security systems are part of a new electronic transfer network called the Large Value Transfer System, or LVTS.
The message is sent over a commercial frame-relay circuit to the LVTS mainframe, where it is routed to the SAGUS Defensor Mainframe, which decrypts the message, verifies the digital signature, and passes the message to the appropriate mainframe application.