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 (săk′ə-lēn′, -lən, să-KHə-lyēn′)
An island of southeast Russia in the Sea of Okhotsk north of Hokkaido, Japan. Colonized by Russia and Japan in the 1700s and 1800s, it passed under Russian control in 1875.


(Russian səxaˈlin) or


(Placename) an island in the Sea of Okhotsk, off the SE coast of Russia north of Japan: fishing, forestry, and mineral resources (coal and petroleum). Capital: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Pop: 546 500 (2002). Area: 76 000 sq km (29 300 sq miles). Japanese name (1905–24): Karafuto


(ˈsæk əˌlin, ˌsæk əˈlin)

an island of the Russian Federation in the Sea of Okhotsk, N of Japan: formerly (1905–45) divided between the Soviet Union and Japan. 685,000; 29,100 sq. mi. (75,369 sq. km).
Japanese, Karafuto.
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To Crane's relief, State Of The Union, who was completing a double for Oisin Murphy after his success on Sahalin in the mile maiden, was retained without a bid.
platyphylla (Betulaceae), common called birch tree, is widely distributed in Korea, Japan, China, Sahalin, and Siberia (Huh et al.
Roosevelt in Yalta with light hand agreed to Stalin's territorial requests in Mongolia, South Sahalin, annexation of Kuril Islands from Japan and allowed border changes in Manchuria and China.