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A starchy meal ground from the dried roots of various orchids chiefly of the genus Orchis, used for food and formerly as medicine.

[Turkish salep, sahlep, salep, orchid from which salep is made, from Ottoman Turkish sa'lep, sālep, from Arabic (ḫuṣā al)-ṯa'lab, (testicles of the) fox (from the appearance of the tubers); see ṯʕlb in Semitic roots.]


(Botany) the dried ground starchy tubers of various orchids, used for food and formerly as drugs
[C18: via French and Turkish from Arabic sahlab, shortened from khusy ath-tha'lab, literally: fox's testicles, name of an orchid]


(ˈsæl ɛp)

a starchy, demulcent drug or foodstuff consisting of the dried tubers of certain orchids.
[1730–40; < Turkish salep]
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Taking place on Wednesday 17 th January at Mercato, the launch will also coincide with the introduction of Glow by More Kitchen - an artisan ice-cream concept with over 16 flavours, rotating from over 100 options, to include coffee caramel crunch, baklava, um ali, red velvet, lotus and sahlab mistica.
According to New Bakery manager Tarek Seblini, sahlab, a beverage of thickened, sweetened milk served with powdered cinnamon, is also a must-have Sohoor item.
Fishawi's also serves the most delicious version of sahlab, a traditional Egyptian winter drink made from creamy milk and topped with peanuts and a hint of coconut.
A sahlab cocktail was also on offer -- the usually hot and nonalcoholic milk-based drink was served chilled with rum and sesame seeds.
Sahlep, also known as salep or sahlab, supposedly dates back to the Ottoman period and was a popular drink then, too.
He caught the waitress's arm and ordered sahlab, a hot milky beverage, which he then sipped with a spoon.
The agreement's signing was attended by Ambassador Mohamed Rabie, the chairman of the Council of Arab Economic Unity; Osama Khushab, Lebanon's Consul General in Alexandria; Major General Essam Badawi, Secretary General of the Arab Sea Ports Federation; and Mahmoud Sahlab, Chairman of the Board for the Port of Tripoli.
The regimental commander of the rapid response force of the Baku police Sahlab Baghirov confirmed the
Hamad Al-Duaij presented the donation to the committee's treasurer Ashraf Sahlab upon hosting him at the embassy in Amman this morning.
Vice President of the American Foundation Education for Employment (EFE), Taleb Sahlab, announced, Tuesday on Radio Express FM, that Tunisia will be the sixth Arab country (after Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, and Yemen) to host an organization affiliated with EFE, non-profit NGO based in Washington whose mission is to organize training sessions of two weeks to two months to help young graduates improve their chances of finding a job and keep it.
Along with the extensive Iftar and Sohour, there's also a wide spread of manakiesh, saj, sahlab, tea and other Ramadan drinks and food, along with various shisha flavours.