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A starchy meal ground from the dried roots of various orchids chiefly of the genus Orchis, used for food and formerly as medicine.

[Turkish salep, sahlep, salep, orchid from which salep is made, from Ottoman Turkish sa'lep, sālep, from Arabic (ḫuṣā al)-ṯa'lab, (testicles of the) fox (from the appearance of the tubers); see ṯʕlb in Semitic roots.]


(Botany) the dried ground starchy tubers of various orchids, used for food and formerly as drugs
[C18: via French and Turkish from Arabic sahlab, shortened from khusy ath-tha'lab, literally: fox's testicles, name of an orchid]


(ˈsæl ɛp)

a starchy, demulcent drug or foodstuff consisting of the dried tubers of certain orchids.
[1730–40; < Turkish salep]
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Turks love their hot drinks -- Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, sahlep and so on.
On that last winter ferry ride, Father had tried to get Yusuf to come inside, to sit down on a bench and drink a hot sahlep.
Lokma (Turkish doughnut), manti (Turkish ravioli), simit (Turkish bagel), baklava (multilayered flaky pastry with walnuts, pistachios), sahlep (drink made from sahlep root in hot milk and cinnamon) and kir pidesi (a special type of Turkish pizza) are some of food to be served at the fair.
Everywhere are vendors selling such delicacies as pistachio-studded rice; sahlep, a creamy winter drink made from wild orchid root and sprinkled with cinnamon; and a sesame seed-coated, pretzel-like bread stacked high on a pole and balanced against the seller's shoulder.
If you visit Turkey during the winter months you must try this special winter drink, sahlep.
Her husband died in a bomb blast while selling sahlep on the streets of Syria.
One other thing I recommend to my visitors who come in the winter to Turkey is to try the hot drink known as sahlep.