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(Placename) a port in SW Lebanon, on the Mediterranean: on the site of ancient Sidon; terminal of the Trans-Arabian pipeline from Saudi Arabia. Pop: 150 000 (2005 est)


(ˈsɑ iˌdɑ)

a seaport in SW Lebanon: the site of ancient Sidon. 24,740.
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Noun1.Saida - the main city of ancient PhoeniciaSaida - the main city of ancient Phoenicia  
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
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Collo et JSD Jijel Region d'Oran : IRB Maghnia, OM Arzew, IRB El Kerma, ASB Maghnia, USM Oran et SCM Oran Region de Saida : ESB Dahmouni, JSM Tiaret, USB Tissemsilt et ARB Ghriss Region de Bechar : MC Debdaba et NSD Bouda
Native de Casablanca, la grande artiste talentueuse, auteur, compositeur guitariste et interprete Saida Fikri a commence a chanter des l'age de 8 ans a ecrit sa premiere chanson, alors qu'elle avait a peine 12 ans avant d'entamer sa carriere professionnelle en 1994 avec son premier album [beaucoup moins que] Nadmana[beaucoup plus grand que], puis [beaucoup moins que]Salouni Ala'adab [beaucoup plus grand que] l'annee suivante.
The Saida field hospital was the fourth hospital to stop work within the week because of the strikes, Observatory Director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.
The Chechen fighters who were some of the most well-trained terrorists had entered Saida town in Eastern Reef (countryside of) Daraa and hid in a cottage.
She saidA that Bulgaria could achieve economic development only by makingA progress in the fight against corruption.
SIDON, Lebanon: The municipal council of the southern town of Haret Saida was dissolved Monday, with south Lebanon Governor Mansour Daou accepting the resignation of the mayor and members of the body.
Saida Warsi is also co-chairman of the British Conservative Party and Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet of David Cameron.
Tangier still represents real opportunities in various fields like industry, trade, tourism and construction, Saida said.
The city of Saida 40 km south of Beirut hosts Ein el-Hilweh, Lebanon's biggest Palestinian refugee camp.
Heavy clashes broke out in Saida, southern Lebanon's biggest city, on June 23, after armed followers of Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir, allegedly fired on an army checkpoint, and the army counterattacked.
Cette visite intervient une semaine apres les violents affrontements ayant oppose a Saida, capitale du Liban-sud, des partisans du chef radical sunnite cheikh Ahmad al-Assir a l'armee, qui a perdu 18 hommes.
We did not have to go through the painful Saida events to be reminded that when the state negotiates the sovereignty over its land with others, it actually paves the way for armed outlaws to take advantage, compete for power, and battle the legitimate forces that are supposed to be in charge, alone, of shielding the country and protecting people's lives.