Sail loft

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a loft or room where sails are cut out and made.

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The current Sail Loft has traded successfully as a 60 cover restaurant since 1981 and benefits from private, off-road parking and superb views.
Tenders are invited for Repair Of Fire Exit Staircases And Duct Area Of New Store Building, Repair Epoxy Floor Of New Pipe Shop And Repair Of Sail Loft, East Yard, Mdl.
nity famY bea acc new vot bu You can stay nearby in one of the beautiful hotels or self-catering accommodation - including the newly refurbished The Sail Loft, voted one of the top 20 coolest bunkhouses in the world by American Express.
The staff of a nearby pub, the Sail Loft in Amlwch, have also stepped in with a donation.
Staff at the Sail Loft in Amlwch have already given us a donation, which is an amazing gesture and we can't thank them enough.
UK Sailmakers is a leading sail loft company with over 50 lofts internationally.
Fully operational sail loft & canvas repair business includes service truck.
Howard Chandler Christy's 18-by 26-foot The Scene at the Signing of the Constitution is so large that he had to paint it in the sail loft of the Washington Navy Yard.
uk) nights' selfcatering Silver Birch outdoor hot tub near St Austell, four people pounds 418 sharing) Deciding one evening to reconnect with the real world, we drove from Deerpark to Looe for dinner at The Old Sail Loft.
In the sail loft, the entire sail was laid out on the loft floor full-scale, and it was cut to conform to the design that had been hand-drawn to the shape and size.
The base will have see-through walls and the sail loft will be open to the public.
It also features a sail loft, which is a "very clean floor" where sails can be examined, flattened and folded.