Cracker Jack

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Crack′er Jack`

a confection of caramel-coated popcorn.


(ˈkræk ərˌdʒæk)
1. a person or thing that shows marked ability or excellence.
2. exceptionally fine.
[1890–95, Amer.; earlier crackajack, rhyming compound based on crack (adj.)]
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TO nail your colours to the mast is a defiant declaration we gained from press-ganged Sunderland sailor Jack Crawford.
"The initial response to the regatta has been overwhelming from performance sailboats," said ocean-crossing sailor Jack Yoes, principal race officer of the Pilar Regatta from the Houston Yacht Club.
Crowd at the opening ceremony for Keel Square saw a street theatre re-enactment of the moment famous Wearside sailor Jack Crawford saved the day during the Battle of Camperdown in 1797.
The family of sailor Jack Melville, who died in the disaster, were informed in 2004 that his body was taken by intelligence officers after the sinking and given the identity of a fictional Army major called William Martin.
(Our Sailor Jack, love and miss you Jack 'til the seas run dry 1,4,3.) Your loving sisterinlaw Sheila xxx.
The Gladys Church Memorial Shield for under-12s saw nine entries and was won by RS Tera Sport sailor Jack Lewis, while the Junior Monteyne Shield for 12 to 14-year-olds had 16 entries with Benedict Aveyard in a Laser Radial coming out top.
The Northbridge Sailing Club team, with Advanced Squad sailor Jack Dawson, finished in second with one loss followed by the University of Sydney, tied with the CYCA.
Happy hour score: The dollar oysters at Sailor Jack's ($$$; 123 First St.; 707/745-0943), a new fish house with no freezer (read: no frozen fish) and wide-angle views of the strait.
* AIR RAID WARDENS REUNITED: Jack Armitage, third right front row, of Crosland Moor with the Longwood ARP unit while he was on leave from the Royal Navy * D-DAY FORCE: An LCIL landing craft similar to the one which Jack Armitage was on during the Normandy landings * HAIRY MOMENT WITH A STUKA: D-Day sailor Jack Armitage of Crosland Moor.
Their sparring and eventual joyful pairing is contrasted by Serafina's daughter Rosa (Susannah Fielding) who yearns to break free, having fallen for young sailor Jack (Andrew Langtree).
Sullivan in 1892 and sparred with Sailor Jack Sharkey, once clubbing the latter over the head with a bat.
When Barbossa discovers a way to reverse the curse,plucky sailor Jack Sparrow (Depp),able shipmate Will Turner (Orlando Bloom)and the beautiful Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), daughter of the governor, set sail to thwart the dastardly pirate's plans.